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Discover the Best Premium Cigars at Tampeno Cigars

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The home of your favorite cigars

At Tampeno Cigars, we take pride in offering you the most premium and affordable cigars on the market. Our vast selection of vitolas and blends will leave you spoilt for choice. From our premium bundle cigars to our private lines, we have something for every cigar enthusiast. We also specialize in flavored long filler bundles, which are perfect for those looking for a unique smoking experience. We are dedicated to working with retail lounges to bring a fresh new face to premium bundle cigars. Explore our price list to discover the exceptional value we offer.

Tobacco Leaves

Daily News

Truly Top-Notch

Home of the world famous "Newspaper" Cigar. You have seen it before. But never like this. From our vast amount of vitolas and different blends, We have you covered on all of your newspaper needs.

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